3. Dixie Agostino - Switchgear Search and Recruiting

August 12, 2019 Robert Wagner, CPA, Advisory Partner

Dixie Agostino Switchgear Search and Recruiting - "How That Happened"

In this episode, Dixie Agostino, owner and founder of Switchgear Search and Recruiting, sits down with Robert Wagner to discuss her path to recruiting and business ownership.

In 2010, Dixie started Switchgear with a unique focus on individuals and relationships. She has developed the business over the years into a powerhouse staffing agency that continuously develops and trains its people.

During the episode, Dixie, recipient of Oklahoma's Most Admired CEOs and Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards, discusses the struggles and near-death experiences of her business, the process of finding the best possible talent for a company, and her take on work/life balance.

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